Moon Eleven Photography | About
My name is Mary Smith. I am from the small town of Eureka, KS! Now currently living in the Tulsa, OK area. I fell in love with photography years ago however up until recently it has just been a hobby. I now want to take my passion a step in a new direction with running my own photography business. A little about me..... I am a bit of a nerd! I love astronomy, sci-fi, thunderstorms, crafting my heart out , music and Norway! I love documenting just about everything whether it is sad, happy or just off the wall crazy! I would love to document your stories no matter what that story may be. Please contact me, I would love to meet up and help fill your home full of your own memories!

Why the name Moon Eleven?

Well let me tell you that picking a name was not easy. Of course I wanted it to be perfect and to somehow represent me as a person. I honestly didn't want to use my last name because most people can't pronounce it. So I decided to come up with two words that meant something to me but yet sounded great together, hence Moon Eleven. Moon because I am a huge astronomy and space geek. Eleven represents that I am the youngest of eleven. So now we have Moon Eleven Photography. I like it!